"we must eat well and live well, to be well"

in computing, the ctrl + a command is used to quickly and efficiently select all desired content.  with the same mentality, ctrl-a concepts is an all inclusive concept studio that brings together all of your food and design desires.  whether we're designing your next space or your next plate, leave the stress to us so you can prioritize the things that matter the most  to you! 


private chef services

are you the type of person that likes to come home to a stocked fridge of healthy and unique meals to chose from, or would rather have a 5-star plated meal in the comfort of your own home?  no need to choose...we offer both!  private chef services are catered to your every need and culinary preferences. 

weekly meal services include a personally catered menu, 5/6 dishes ranging from proteins to vegetables and starches of the best sourced ingredients, a stocked fridge at the end of a 3-4 hour session, and a spotless kitchen.  all for a flat rate of $250 plus food costs.  best of all, no commitment required!  use our services for one week, twice a week for a month, or regularly for years to come...the decision is yours.

plated dining service varies from the meal services plan, in that it is a more long term, personalized option.  we take our time to develop a relationship with our clients on the next level.  with consistency in your meals, it allows us to learn your preferences, aversions, and eating habits.  decide how many visits and which days a week you'd like full service meals and choose from 1, 2, or 3 meals a day (plus you can even add snack prep)!  bring the restaurant to your home every night of the week.  services start at $60 an hour plus food costs.  

so what are you waiting for?  contact us and learn more about which service, or mix of services, meets your family's needs and schedule a trial to see for yourself!


catered events

looking to make a special occasion more unique?  we're here to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.  let us provide you with menu options ranging from 3-5 courses with your budget in mind, the best hand selected ingredients, wine pairings and waitstaff (as required), and a clean kitchen at the end of the night.  bring the 5-star restaurant experience home for your next party.

base pricing starts at $80 per person plus food costs.  price increases with the addition of waitstaff, wine pairing, table arrangements, and numbered courses.

we also offer catered breakfast and lunches for your next business meeting.  we can provide your delivered meal, setup and breakdown, and waitstaff for your next event.  contact us for more information!


cooking lessons

if you feel that traditional cooking classes are lacking something, then you've come to the right place!  we work with you to develop a custom course load from a one-off class, to weekly sessions.  in the comfort of your own home, you will not only learn the techniques and recipes you've been craving, but every class will end in a short lesson in how to plate your new found talents.

classes start at $100 per person plus the cost of food.  for class packages of 4 sessions or more, we offer a loyalty program and discount.