"an interior is the natural projection of the soul"

in computing, the ctrl + a command is used to quickly and efficiently select all desired content.  with the same mentality, ctrl-a concepts is an all inclusive concept studio that brings together all of your food and design desires.  whether we're designing your next space or your next plate, leave the stress to us so you can prioritize the things that matter the most  to you! 


full design services

rooted in the hospitality, retail, and residential world, ctrl-a is a conceptual studio with an extensive background in creating unique, yet practical spaces.  we offer full design services encompassing all phases of the design process - from concept to construction documentation and everything in between.  with close collaboration between designer and client, bringing your vision to life is our mission.  

in the event that your project requires brand strategy and graphics, we also offer branding packages to get your space up and running.

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technical drawings

do you own your own studio and just need a little help with the technical work?  whether it be drafting your hand measurements into cad for your next client meeting, or  bringing a furniture sketch up to shop drawing standards, we're here to help!  with years of experience in the interior world, we can provide your business with any technical knowledge you may need to bring your vision to fruition.

drawings start at $70 per hour.


interior consulting

we believe that the built environment is not always, but should be, a projection of our souls.  the design of the interiors we're a part of every day affects our experience with whatever service, product, or task that resides within that space.

at ctrl-a, we work with you to create a vision for your space.  whether you have a current business that's lacking your desired success, or an empty space that you need help marketing to potential buyers, let us lead the way in developing a conceptual plan to achieve your goals.